Service providers’ compliance with our complaint-handling and public awareness rules

In  Broadcasting and Telecom Regulatory Policy 2016-102, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) asked the CCTS to actively monitor and encourage Participating Service Providers to comply with our participation requirements.

Those requirements include promoting awareness of the CCTS, implementing resolutions, Recommendations and Decisions as well as following the various rules of our complaint-handling process.

We adopted the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program in January 2018, and we’re now issuing our first Compliance Monitoring Report.

The Report provides the results of the first year of the Program and specifically identifies Participating Service Providers that failed to:

  • certify compliance with our Public Awareness Plan (see Appendix B),
  • provide required financial information (see Appendix C), and
  • pay their CCTS fees (see Appendix D).

The Report also identifies service providers that failed to sign up in 2018, despite the regulatory requirement that says they must do so (see appendix A).

We intend to continue actively monitoring compliance and working with service providers to help them comply with their obligations.