Mission, vision and values

Our mission

To provide outstanding dispute resolution service to Canadian consumers, telecommunications and television service providers, and always to adhere to our core values and Performance Standards

Our vision

We are a dynamic organization that adheres to the best principles of customer service in resolving disputes independently, fairly, effectively and efficiently.

Our values

We are:

Effective — Using appropriate processes for the dispute in question, we deliver fair resolutions in a reasonable time frame.

Rigorous — We carefully analyze disputes, ensure that we fully understand the positions of the parties, and explain our outcomes clearly and logically.

Competent — We understand technology issues, act professionally, and show good judgment.

Unbiased — In keeping with our role as a completely independent arbiter of disputes, we take no side in any dispute.

Fair — We assess the scale and scope of disputes, apply fair process appropriate to the nature of the dispute, and deliver balanced and reasonable outcomes when required to do so.

Responsive — We understand the needs of the disputing parties and work to resolve disputes in a manner that reflects and respects those needs.

Accessible — All consumers, including those with disabilities, can reach us easily and make use of our processes.