The CCTS is committed to being responsive to the diverse needs of the public. We strive to provide all people with an equal opportunity to obtain, use and benefit from our services. Providing accessible customer service so that people with disabilities can contact us easily and use our services is one of our core values and a key principle in our Performance Standards.

We provide customer service in a way that accommodates disability-related needs and reflects the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity. Our policies and guidelines are modelled on Ontario’s Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.

The CCTS also conducts yearly consultations with Accessibility groups across Canada to determine how we can continuously improve our service delivery to better serve customers living with disabilities.

We provide training on accessible customer service to all the CCTS employees, directors, volunteers and others who communicate with the public or third parties on behalf of the CCTS. Our policies and guidelines also:

  • detail the steps we will take if there is a temporary disruption to services normally used by people with disabilities
  • confirm that support persons and service animals are allowed entry to the areas of our premises that are open to the public
  • explain how you can provide us with feedback on the way we provide services to people with disabilities

Our policies and guidelines are available on request and will be provided in a way that takes into account the person’s disability.

If you want to receive our policies and guidelines in an accessible way or provide feedback on them to us in an accessible format or through the use of other types of communications support, contact us by:

Toll-free phone: 1-888-221-1687
Fax: 1-877-782-2924
TTY: 1-877-782-2384 (temporarily out-of-service as physical offices are closed)

Video Relay Service (VRS) — Our customer service agents are trained to interact with customers and the VRS operator to help customers file their complaints or obtain information.

P.O. Box 56067 – Minto Place RO
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7Z1