Exclusions from our mandate

The services and issues that CCTS cannot help with fall into three categories:

  • exceptions to telecommunications (telecom) services
  • exceptions to TV services
  • other applicable exceptions


Exceptions to telecom services

Exceptions to telecom services are:

  • internet applications or content
  • emergency services
  • payphones
  • yellow page or business directories
  • telemarking or unsolicited messages
  • 900 and 976 services


Exceptions to TV services

Exceptions to TV services are:

  • digital media broadcast undertaking (DMBU) services, which are services generally delivered or accessed over the Internet or delivered using point-to-point technology and received by way of mobile devices
  • interactive services and applications provided by TV service providers
  • broadcasting content
  • journalistic ethics
  • accessibility issues, for example closed captioning and described video
  • simultaneous substitution (when a TV distributor temporarily replaces the signal of one TV channel with that of another channel showing the same program at the same time)


Other exceptions

Other applicable exceptions are:

  • equipment
  • inside wiring
  • security services such as alarm monitoring
  • networking services
  • pricing of products or services
  • rights of way
  • plant, including (without limitation), poles, towers conduits, trenches and other support structures
  • claims of false and misleading advertising
  • privacy issues


There may be other organizations to which you can direct a complaint about these issues. Visit our Resources page.