The CCTS has terminated the participation of Multiboard Communications Inc. and NCS Networks Consulting

Final public notice confirming termination of participation

Ottawa (Jan 30, 2024) – This notice is further to our public notice dated December 5, 2023 in which we advised the public that CCTS intended to terminate the participation of these service providers because we had reasons to believe they no longer provide services that are within the CCTS’ mandate:

  • Multiboard Communications Inc. which provided telecom services under the brand and has been acquired by TELUS.
  • NCS Networks Consulting customers and telecom services were acquired by NCS Managed Services.

The CCTS can help customers with complaints about and NCS Managed Services.

After investigating the matter, and seeking public input regarding any ongoing activities of these service providers, the CCTS has determined that these service providers no longer provide services within the mandate of CCTS, and therefore has terminated their participation in the CCTS.

Mathieu Pierre Dagonas,
Director, Communications and Stakeholder Affairs