Telecommunications Complaints Increase After 3-Year Decline

CCTS publishes its 2016-17 Annual Report

Ottawa (November 28, 2017) – The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) reported today that its 2016-17 year concluded with an 11 per cent increase in the number of complaints received from Canadian telecom customers, reversing a three-year trend of declining complaint numbers. Canadians continue to complain most often about their wireless services, although they represent a declining proportion of all complaints to the CCTS.

The CCTS is the administrator of the CRTC’s Wireless Code, and reports a substantial decrease in the number of breaches of the Code by wireless service providers. Nonetheless, customer complaints continue to raise allegations of Code violations, particularly about unilateral changes made to their contracts, the application of data overage caps, and the failure to provide notice before disconnection.

Internet service is the subject of almost a third (31%) of the complaints made by Canadians in 2016-17. The report notes that the proportion of internet complaints has been steadily climbing for seven years. “The pattern of increasing complaints about internet is cause for concern”, said CCTS Commissioner Howard Maker.

Despite the increase in complaints, the CCTS reports that 91% of complaints were successfully resolved to the satisfaction of the customer and the service provider. Of those resolved complaints, 85% were concluded within 40 days. Also, the CCTS customer survey discloses that customers are extremely satisfied with the CCTS complaint-handling process, including its accessibility, timeliness and fairness, and with the professionalism and impartiality of its staff.

“The CCTS continues to provide a world-class complaint-handling service to customers and service providers,” commented Mr. Maker. “Through our Code administration work and our detailed statistical analysis of complaints and the issues that underpin them, we provide important information for all parties to better understand the issues that confront customers, and to allow the regulator the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the consumer safeguards in the marketplace. All of this, together with our professional and empathic approach to problem-solving, supports the goal of a telecom market that works effectively for all participants.”

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