Telecom & TV Customer Complaints Still on the Rise

CCTS records a 44% increase in complaints

Ottawa (April 2, 2019) – The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) reports today in its latest Mid-Year Report a 44% increase in the number of complaints it received between August 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019 from Canadian telecom and TV customers, following a 73% increase for that same period last year.

Canadians complained most often about their wireless service, followed in order by internet, TV and local phone. The most frequently raised concerns were incorrect charges, and non-disclosure (often resulting in a mismatch between what the customer was expecting and what they received), together representing 29% of all issues raised.

“This report shows that disclosure issues continue to be problematic,” notes CCTS Commissioner Howard Maker. “We were pleased to provide vital data during the CRTC’s recent review of telecom sales practices. Our identification of a “mismatch” between what many customers think they are buying and what they are getting is the focus of the CRTC’s report.”

The CCTS also reports a 42% increase in the number of Wireless Code breaches during this period. The most common Code violation involved the failure by a service provider to give the required notice before disconnecting their service.

The top 5 most-complained about service providers – Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, TELUS and Freedom Mobile — accounted for over 60% of all the complaints the CCTS accepted in the period.

“The challenge posed by increasing complaint volumes required us to adapt in order to meet the needs of Canadians and service providers,” continued Mr. Maker. “The report shows that we handled 68% more complaints then in the same period last year, demonstrating that we have responded promptly and effectively.”

The CCTS continues to excel at working with customers and service providers to resolve these complaints. In the period, 92% of complaints were successfully resolved.