Service provider fails to honour promotion

Mr. Z subscribed to a bundle consisting of internet and TV service at a promotional rate. At the end of the promotional period he wanted to continue to subscribe to only the internet service. The service provider told him that if he kept the TV service he could cancel it at any time, and he would continue to receive the promotional rate for the internet service. Mr. Z agreed to keep the TV service.

When Mr. Z later cancelled the TV service, the provider began to bill him for the internet service at the regular rate. Mr. Z then cancelled the internet service as well, which prompted the provider to charge an early cancellation fee.

Mr. Z complained to the provider by phone and online a number of times and received conflicting information about the promotion he had received.



Unable to resolve the issue with the provider, Mr. Z submitted a complaint to CCTS on September 21, 2016. Less than three weeks later, on October 11,  the complaint was resolved. The provider credited the early cancellation fee as well as the amount billed in excess of the original promotional rate.

Mr. Z told CCTS “I am extremely grateful of CCTS. Before CCTS’ intervention, my service provider had plainly refused to entertain my rightful complaint. But after I filed the complaint with CCTS the behaviour of the service provider changed drastically and they accepted their mistake and offered a resolution to the issue. Without CCTS this would definitely not be possible. Really appreciate it!”

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