Unwanted service and unwanted charges

In March 2016 Ms. D called a service provider to inquire about subscribing to home phone and internet service. The provider informed her that it could provide home phone service but not internet service. Ms. D decided not to do business with the provider.

Nonetheless, the provider set up an account for home phone service for Ms. D even though she had explained that she did not want it if she couldn’t also have internet service. From March until September 2016, the provider billed $226 to Ms. D’s credit card for the home phone service.

Ms. D raised the issue at the provider’s retail outlet and also by phone but was unsuccessful in having the account closed and the charges refunded.


Ms. D brought her complaint to CCTS on October 28, 2016. On November 14—only two weeks after the complaint was submitted—the issue was resolved. The provider closed the account and refunded the amounts wrongly billed.

Ms. D was very appreciative of how quickly the complaint was resolved after she brought it to CCTS. She said “It is very important for a customer to have a[n] agency such as the CCTS to follow the service providers’ unjust practices like I and many other people have experienced.”

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