Cancellation not processed after trial period

Key Message

  • The “buyer’s remorse” period allows customers to cancel a new wireless service within 15 days of purchase without penalty (30 days for customers with disabilities).

Summary of the Complaint

Ms. K upgraded her wireless device on a 2-year term with her service provider. When she received the new device, she was not happy with it and called her service provider to discuss her options in returning the device. Her service provider confirmed she was within the buyer’s remorse period and offered Ms. K a few options. The first option was to return the device, pick a new device and continue her contract as is. The second option was to use a device she bought independently and continue her service on a month-to-month basis. The third option was to cancel her service entirely.

Ms. K decided to return her device and cancel her services. She spoke with her service provider the day she received confirmation that her device had been returned and requested to have her service cancelled. Nonetheless, she continued to receive monthly invoices for the service and was unable to have the service cancelled. Ms. K decided to file a complaint with the CCTS to have the invoicing stopped.

What did the CCTS do?

The CCTS confirmed with the service provider that Ms. K’s device had been returned and no further usage was incurred after the date the device was returned. The service provider also confirmed Ms. K returned her device within her buyer’s remorse period, meaning she was not charged any cancellation fee. Following investigation, the CCTS learned that when the device was returned, the service provider mistakenly put Ms. K on a month-to-month plan instead of cancelling her service as requested.


Based on the CCTS’ findings, Ms. K’s service provider agreed to backdate her cancellation to the date the device was returned and credit any charges that had been billed following the cancellation. Ms. K agreed that this resolved her complaint.