Statement on the Recent National Outages

On Friday, July 8, there was a service outage affecting Rogers’ (Fido and Chatr) customers. Understandably, service outages are frustrating for customers. The CCTS experienced a higher than usual call volume on Friday and we continue to see high complaint volumes related to this issue. We are reaching out to Rogers to better understand its intended approach to customer disputes about the outage.

The CCTS is an independent agency that helps resolve complaints about telecommunications and television services from individual and small business customers, fairly and free of charge.

Customers need to first reach out to Rogers to try to resolve their issues. Our process requires customers to bring their issue to the attention of their service provider and give their service provider a reasonable opportunity to investigate and resolve their issue. We encourage customers to be clear with Rogers about what they would consider to be a reasonable resolution given their specific circumstances. If customers remain unsatisfied after giving Rogers a reasonable opportunity to resolve the issue, the CCTS’ services may be available to them. Consumers can submit a complaint directly on  our website, or contact the CCTS if they require assistance.

The CCTS is Canada’s national and independent organization dedicated to resolving customer complaints about telecommunications and television services. We accept most complaints about phone, internet, wireless and television services. Specifically, customers who have unsuccessfully tried to resolve their billing error, contract dispute or service delivery, credit management, or collections issues with their service provider can escalate their complaint to the CCTS. The CCTS’ services are free, fair, effective, and accessible for all customers.