Public notice regarding intention to terminate participation | October 2023

This notice is to inform the public that the CCTS intends to terminate the participation of 9059-8533 Québec Inc. (Nogard Communications) because there is reason to believe it is no longer providing services that are within the CCTS’ mandate.

Before doing so, the CCTS seeks public input on whether the company may still be providing in-scope telecom or television services to customers, either under the name listed or under a new name. If so, the service provider must, as a result of regulatory requirements, continue to participate in the CCTS, which means customers can complain to the CCTS.

In the event the CCTS terminates their participation, the service providers will still be bound by certain requirements, including, abiding by the CCTS rules in respect to confidentiality and in respect to honouring any remedies that have resulted from prior complaints to the CCTS.

If you are still receiving service from this company, please notify us at or call 1-855-697-0521.