Consumer Organizations

ARCH Disability Law Centre

ARCH Disability Law Centre is a specialty legal aid clinic serving the province of Ontario and is dedicated to defending and advancing the equality rights of persons with disabilities.

ARCH is a not-for-profit charitable organization whose membership consists of over sixty disability consumer and service organizations.


Forum for Research and Policy in Communications (FRPC)

The FRPC is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization focused on research and policy about Canada’s communications system. Its submissions to regulatory and other bodies, including Parliament and the CRTC, advocate for strengthened access by Canadians to high-quality Canadian programming and to low-cost broadcasting and telecommunications distribution systems.

The FRPC also gathers empirical evidence about Canadian content, employment, ownership, tangible benefits and other issues relevant to broadcasting and telecommunications.


Option consommateurs

Option consommateurs is a Quebec-based not-for-profit consumer organization whose mission is to promote and defend the basic rights of consumers and ensure that these are recognized and respected.


Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

PIAC is a not-for-profit organization that provides legal and research services on behalf of consumer interests, and in particular, vulnerable consumer interests, concerning the provision of important public services.


Union des consommateurs

Union des consommateurs is a Quebec-based not-for-profit consumer organization whose mission is to promote and defend the rights of consumers, particularly those of modest means.


Consumers Council of Canada

Consumers Council of Canada, an independent, not-for-profit federal corporation, has worked towards an improved marketplace for consumers in Canada since 1994. One of the most active multi-issue consumer groups in Canada, it provides perspectives that help business and government manage today’s consumer issues, is nationally known, and is regularly consulted by news media. Its volunteer Board of Directors and committees of members include experts in consumer issues and policy development, competition policy and law, and business development. The Council monitors consumer views through its Public Interest Network, which is open to residents of Canada. It conducts research to understand consumers’ needs and concerns. It informs the public and reports its activities publicly. Its top challenges are to address the many consumer issues and public institutions’ requests for capable consumer representation, given the financial resources required.