CCTS Success Stories

Since 2007 the CCTS has resolved thousands of complaints, here are some examples.

Mr. B subscribed to a family shared data plan with four wireless phone lines. He disputed $110 of data overage charges billed on his November 2016 invoice and alleged that his service provider did not cap his data charges at … Read More

In March 2016 Ms. D called a service provider to inquire about subscribing to home phone and internet service. The provider informed her that it could provide home phone service but not internet service. Ms. D decided not to do … Read More

Mr. Z subscribed to a bundle consisting of internet and TV service at a promotional rate. At the end of the promotional period he wanted to continue to subscribe to only the internet service. The service provider told him that … Read More

Ms. A subscribed to internet service and, during the 90-day trial period, was satisfied with the service quality. Following the trial period, however, the service became very unreliable and, every evening, completely unusable. After numerous communications with the service provider, … Read More

Mr. P received a bill of $564 for data overage fees incurred in just eight days on his wireless home internet service. He was shocked at the amount of data that his service provider claimed he had used, and also … Read More

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