CRTC begins enforcement proceeding against Optitel Mobile for failure to join the CCTS

Ottawa (March 7, 2023)  – The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) welcomes the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) show cause proceeding regarding service provider 1174855628 Optitel Mobile Inc. (Optitel Mobile) and its director, Robert Trudeau. The proceeding requires Optitel Mobile to demonstrate why it should not be found in violation of the Telecommunications Act for refusing to participate in the CCTS as required to do so, and why Robert Trudeau should not be held personally liable for any violation of the company they direct.

When a telecommunications service provider is not already a participant of the CCTS, the CRTC requires the provider to sign up when a customer submits a complaint that falls within the CCTS’ mandate. This requirement exists so that the customers of telecommunications service providers have an opportunity to resolve their complaint with an independent complaint-handling body (the CCTS) in the event of a dispute with their provider. The CCTS makes considerable efforts to engage new providers to sign up when they are required to do so. When a provider does not join the CCTS, the CCTS refers the matter to the CRTC for enforcement action and publishes the name of the non-compliant provider on its website. The CCTS has over 400 participating service providers.

The CCTS received the first complaint from an Optitel Mobile customer on March 3, 2022. In April 2022, another customer submitted a complaint about Optitel Mobile. The CCTS provided multiple notices and spoke with the director about the obligation to participate in the CCTS. Despite these efforts, Optitel Mobile did not sign up and the CCTS referred it to the CRTC for enforcement action in September 2022. The complaints by Optitel Mobile’s customers cannot be addressed by the CCTS until Optitel Mobile joins the CCTS.

The CRTC proceeding includes a public comment period, after which the CRTC will determine whether enforcement actions, such as an order to join the CCTS or monetary penalty, are necessary to address any non-compliance by the service provider. The CCTS is ready to facilitate Optitel Mobile’s participation in the CCTS.


About the CCTS

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Mathieu Pierre Dagonas,
Director, Communications and Stakeholder Affairs