Axsit Sold and Customer Compensated

New Owner Promises Full Compliance

Ottawa, August 5, 2016 – On July 5, 2016, the Commissioner of Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) issued a media release to inform the public and Axsit’s customers that this VOIP service provider was in breach of its obligations by failing to compensate a customer as required following investigation by CCTS of the customer’s complaint.

On July 14, CCTS issued another media release with an update regarding the owner’s intention to sell Axsit. CCTS confirms that Axsit has provided a cheque to the customer in the amount called for by the CCTS Recommendation. “We are pleased that Axsit has now seen fit to respect the fundamental requirement of our process – to implement the outcomes called for by CCTS following the fair and impartial investigation of a customer’s complaint,” said CCTS Commissioner Howard Maker.

Axsit also took steps to address other aspects of its non-compliance with CCTS, including paying all of its outstanding fees. CCTS has been informed that WiMac Tel, a North American telecom company and CCTS participant, has purchased Axsit and will continue to operate it under the Axsit name. This transaction should be seamless to Axsit’s customers. WiMac Tel has also undertaken to make the changes necessary to bring Axsit into compliance with the CCTS public awareness plan, including making the required changes to Axsit’s web site.

CCTS appreciates the efforts of Axit’s new and former owners in bringing Axsit into compliance, and in ensuring that Axsit’s customers obtain the full benefits of Axsit’s ongoing participation in CCTS.


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