TV complaint mandate

We can help consumers (but not small business TV customers) with a range of television complaints regarding subscription TV services provided by cable, Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and national satellite direct-to-home (DTH) TV service providers.

We can accept TV complaints only when the facts leading up to the complaint occurred on or after September 1, 2017.

The CRTC Television Service Provider Code (TVSP Code) is administered by the CCTS. Highlights include requirements for TV service providers to:

  • provide customers with their written agreement and related documents in plain language
  • ensure that prices, additional charges and the duration of promotional offers set out in the written agreement are clear
  • provide customers with a time frame and information on any potential charges regarding service calls for installations and repairs
  • give 30 days’ notice to customers in the event of a change in price of channels, bundles of channels or rental equipment
  • offer Canadians with disabilities a 30-day trial period


Compliance with Contract terms and commitments (but not the contract terms themselves)

  • cable company complaints regarding whether there is a contract, what is included in a contract or how the contract should be interpreted
  • television service disputes about whether the provider’s conduct meets its contractual obligations
  • misunderstandings about the particulars of a contract or term


Billing disputes and errors (but not the price of the service itself)

  • having agreed to one price and subsequently being charged more
  • being overcharged due to either a billing system error or a price that is different than advertised
  • being billed for per-use services which they claim they did not use


Credit Management

  • Security deposits
  • Payment arrangements
  • Collections treatment of accounts



For more TV complaint information about the services and issues we cannot help you with, visit the Exclusions page.