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February 2010

CCTS to Develop Deposits and Disconnections Code

Although our main role is to resolve telecom complaints, we also have the authority to develop industry codes of conduct and standards.  The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) recently requested that CCTS develop a code of conduct regarding the rights and responsibilities of consumers and providers on the topics of deposits and disconnections (see Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2009-424 and Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-27).

The objective is to bring some certainty to consumers and providers on two issues:

  • when and how a provider may (or may not) disconnect a customer’s service, and
  • when and on what terms a provider may insist that a customer provide a deposit as a condition of receiving or continuing service.

CCTS has agreed to the CRTC’s request.  We will be working with industry and consumer groups to develop a code of conduct that fairly and reasonably balances the rights and responsibilities of both consumers and providers.