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January 2010

CCTS Launches New Web Site

CCTS is pleased to announce the launch of its new web site. We have completely redesigned the site to improve the experience of all users – consumers, industry participants, other stakeholders, and casual browsers. It is more visually appealing, it contains more information, and is better organized than its predecessor.

One of our current priorities is to enhance public awareness of the existence of CCTS and the service we offer to Canadian consumers and telecommunications service providers. Our new site is an important resource that will enable visitors to quickly and efficiently obtain the information they want about CCTS, whether about our history, our structure, our mandate, or the way in which we do our work. We have also created an electronic brochure which we will circulate broadly to other organizations to which consumers may turn with their telecommunications complaints if they don’t know about us.

The site provides a web page that identifies all of our participating telecommunications service providers, and allows visitors to either file a complaint about that provider, or be taken to the provider’s own web site. The providers have all agreed to place links on their sites to ours, and to outline their internal complaint-handling processes.

Of course, our main role is dealing with the complaints themselves. For those cases in which attempts to resolve a dispute with the provider are unsuccessful, we have enhanced the ability of visitors to use our site to file complaints with us. We have improved the quality of our online complaint form, which is the best method of filing a complaint. We have also created a Guide to Filing a Complaint, which will help ensure that consumers provide everything needed to facilitate the speedy handling of their complaints.

We are pleased with our new site and hope that you will be too. If you want to share your thoughts with us, feel free to send us a note at