35% Increase in Complaints Filed by Telecom & TV Customers

CCTS releases latest data in Annual Report

Ottawa (November 28, 2019) – The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) reports today that it concluded its 2018-19 year having received nearly 19,300 complaints from Canadian telecom and TV customers, an all-time high in the organization’s twelve-year history.

Canadians complained most often about their wireless service, followed in order by internet, TV and local phone services. Billing issues were the predominant irritant for customers, followed by issues related to the disclosure of important information about their service.

Bell’s share of all complaints declined in 2018-19 from 33% to 30% (almost 5,900). Rogers’ share also declined from 10% to 9% (just over 1,800). TELUS’ share increased by 1.5% to 8% (the number of TELUS complaints jumped by 71% to just over 1,600).

The CCTS also reports a 42% increase in the number of service provider violations of the Wireless Code. The most common Code violations involved the failure to provide important documentation to customers and to provide proper notice before disconnection of service. There were only 3 breaches of the Television Service Provider Code.

On January 31, 2020, the CCTS will begin to administer a fourth code of conduct, the Internet Code, which was issued by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) earlier this year. The new Code will apply to large internet service providers and is intended to make it easier for customers to understand service contracts, plan prices and promotions, and help prevent bill shock.

“Record numbers of complaints, rapid industry change, and our own desire for continuous improvement have motivated us to focus on our dispute resolution process, and we’re looking at ways to improve our service to make it more efficient, effective and transparent,” said Howard Maker, CCTS’ Commissioner and CEO. “Our goal is to ensure that we continue to provide a service that’s easy for consumers and service providers to use, that resolves disputes promptly and fairly, and provides valuable insight into the specific challenges faced by consumers.”

Despite the increasing number of complaints, the CCTS continues to successfully resolve over 90% of complaints.

Customers who are unable to resolve an issue directly with their telecom or TV service provider can file their complaint online for free at ccts-cprst.ca.

About the CCTS

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