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May 11th, 2012

On November 14, 2011, the CRTC issued Telecom Decision 2011-702 ( ).  As a result of this decision a Code of Conduct (“the Code”) will come into force, effective May 14, 2012, intended to describe the manner in which those companies providing forborne (deregulated) local telephone service will deal with certain aspects of:

  1. The process for requiring deposits from customers as a condition of providing local phone service; and
  2. The process for disconnecting the local telephone service of customers with unpaid or overdue bills.

In Telecom Decision 2011-702, the CRTC requested that CCTS post the Code on its web site.  It is available here.

Also see What Consumers Should Know About the Code.

Service providers that provide local phone service have committed themselves to adhere to the minimum standards set out in the Code.  CCTS will rely on the provisions of the Code when investigating customer complaints about deposits or disconnections occurring after May 14, 2012. CCTS’ review of any related complaints will be designed to ensure that the service provider has complied with the Code in dealing with the customer’s deposit or disconnection issue.