Canadians can count on the CCTS!

This year, the CCTS celebrates 15 years of helping Canadians resolve their complaints about their phone, internet, and TV services, free of charge!

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We listen, we REALLY listen.

As part of our commitment to serving consumers and telecom-TV service providers in Canada, our organization is undergoing the most significant modernization in its history – simplifying our process and meeting the changing needs of consumers and telecom and TV service providers.

Howard Maker

CCTS’ Commissioner and CEO

“Over the past 15 years, the CCTS has helped resolve over 150,000 complaints brought to us by Canadian consumers about their phone, internet and TV services.

Our long track record of successfully resolving almost 9 out of 10 complaints, often within 30 days, shows our commitment to offering an outstanding service. Our free and impartial dispute resolution service plays an important role in leveling the playing field by removing the confusion and intimidation for consumers.”

The Journey

Since 2007, with only a handful of employees, our organization has grown in both resources and responsibilities. Our mandate and strategic priorities have evolved alongside the changing technology and regulatory environment. We continue to pride ourselves on providing outstanding dispute resolution services to consumers across the nation, as evidenced by our customer satisfaction levels and case studies.


Ensuring Everyone Plays by the Rules

At the CCTS, when investigating a customer’s complaint about their telecom and TV services, we work to determine whether the provider has met their responsibilities to the customer. Using the rules set by the CRTC’s Codes of Conduct, we assess the conduct of the service provider (watch our video on Codes of Conduct). Additionally, while investigating customer complaints, we track and report publicly on breaches of the Codes.


Contact Us

Customers are encouraged to reach out to us for help if they are unable to resolve a dispute with their service provider. Our services are free and it only takes 15 minutes to file a complaint online.